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Non-Compression Protective Products

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Protect your skin

A preventative solution to help protect fragile skin

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The Solution

There are many factors contributing to fragile skin.

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Stop Cutting Up Your Socks

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Protect Your Skin

Limbkeepers knit arm sleeves, leg sleeves, and gloves help protect fragile, thin skin on arms, hands, and legs, from abrasions, skin tears, bruising, and injury from impact. Our non-compression limb protectors provide seamless, form fitting, cushioned comfort and can be easily worn under apparel without bulk.

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Maintain Quality of Life

Made to look and feel like everyday clothing, Limbkeepers will preserve skin integrity while giving confidence and dignity to the wearer, no matter what your age. Our versatile products help you continue daily activities, maintain quality of life and independence.

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Why Limbkeepers Protection?

Wound / burn care management –
protect newly healed skin
Skin tears
Thinning, fragile skin
Medication induced skin conditions: bruising
Dermatological disorders:eczema,psoriasis,scleroderma
Post-surgery healing
Chemotherapy and dialysis treatment
Raynaud’s and arthritis relief
Sun damage
IV / PICC line site protection
Abrasions and chafing
Injuries caused by impacts
Vulnerable scars
Under sleeves for orthopedic braces
Tattoo coverups in the workplace
Hazards on the job


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To say Limbkeepers performed well would be an understatement. I’d say they were exceptional.

—  Jeffrey Wolf, Hamden CT

We started using Limbkeepers in our facility as a way to decrease injuries to our elderly population’s fragile skin. We saw a significant decrease in both bruises and skin tears to patients’ limbs

—  Peggy L., Cromwell CT

Not only do you have a great product to sell, but your customer service is really pretty special.

—  Joan S., Everman, TX

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